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WHAT IS Lexem Consulting?

Lexem Consulting’s team of experienced business plan professionals can help you navigate the complexities of doing business internationally. Whatever opportunities you are chasing, or problems you are facing, the chances are we’ve been there before.

Are you considering selling your products or services internationally? Are you looking for non-domestic suppliers or even to start your own manufacturing operations in Europe? Do you need a business plan to start a new venture in Europe? Today’s business environment is increasingly international, and both startups and existing businesses ignore that fact at their peril.

We have served sales, leadership, and customer service professionals from numerous organizations

  • Sales Teams and Individuals Call Centers – Telesales
  • Professional Service Providers
  • Customer Service and Inside Sales Teams
  • Business Owners, Presidents, and CEOs
  • Enterprise Organizations
  • Homeowners
Chief executive Officer

Charismatic / energetic / personable / trustworthy!

Successful communication and building new contacts and partnerships with clients in both the marketing and business development sectors are among my skills. Full commitment, solution-oriented, resilience and reliability in all details of my area of ​​responsibility is the basis for me to achieve the corporate goals set there.

I am open to new things and also like to express my opinion. I enjoy working with people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, and genders! If you are looking for a great partner who will infect you with his curiosity and passion for challenging communication projects, I would like to introduce you to a whole agency of creative and like-minded people!

Our Vision

Our team is skilled at articulating your unique specialization into a compelling message. We start by translating what sets you apart into riveting benefits that attract high-level decision makers. Since consulting is a trust-based world, it’s normal for prospects to put up heavy objections. We skillfully overcome them to set valuable appointments for you, using a balance of rapport and reasoning.

Consultants who work with us gain more than just long-term clients. They make new discoveries about how their audience sees them. Dialing up the sales energy of a consultative approach comes naturally to us, since we’re part consultant ourselves. Your team will find that once you’ve worked closely with Lexem, it gets even easier to turn ‘no’ into ‘yes’, and ‘yes’ into signed clients.

OUR Big Values

Consultants who work with us gain more than just long-term clients. They make new discoveries about how their audience sees them.


We take care of your future

The cycle time of learning about digital business strategies is long and accurate information is in short supply. Traditional business strategy consulting does not access this fully because most lack the expertise or proper structure.

You need new forms of immediate guidance that can translate symptoms into root causes and rapidly enable you to make decisions that lead to a high performing organizations.

Enjoy your journey with LEXEM Consulting.

 Nelson CEO


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